This isn’t your typical mastermind.

It’s sacred.

It’s creating.

It’s a collective for growth and transcendence.

Willingly dedicated to receiving, shifting, clearing, supporting, and healing.

Yes, there is healing in the act of creating. It’s an essential energy of life.

Creativity is not an energy solely reserved for artists. It is for ANYONE doing ANYTHING.

Hi, my name is Lesley. I’m a Creative and a Mentor. I’m really happy you’re here.

When I first started out in the industry in 2003, it was very hard to find intuitive facilitators with integrity. It was hard to find safe spaces to learn and risk. There were so few intuitives who could actually shed insight, that it would (unfortunately) give them a tremendous amount of power. And of course, the intuitives who were integral and connected were hardly ever found in big cities and the places where everyone gathered.

It can be hard to find someone who is actively DOING the thing they’re TEACHING.

I’m an entrepreneur.

I’m a movie Director / Producer / Writer.

I’m intuitive.

So are you.

In tribal cultures worldwide, the creatives doubled as the “medicine” people. There is a reason for that.

Intuition is inherent in creativity…

… and creative energy can be medicine.

Everything is energy. Everything has energy.

When we connect into healing groups like this one, energy moves faster for all of us. I wish that a space like this existed when I was first starting out in my career. It didn’t. So I created it. And it’s here for you…


INTUITIVE is a “Source Collective” (or Mastermind) specifically for intuitive entrepreneurs and those that use intuition as a compass in their careers and relationships. This particular offering is not a collective of (or for) beginners. This is a collective of heart-centered people already deeply engaged in their journey of exploration and introspective, self-discovery work.

Would you like to hone and cultivate your Intuition?

Would you like to find other ways to rely upon the guidance of your Intuition to grow your life and your career?

Would you like to deepen your spiritual practice?

Are you already doing the “work” in your career, but it doesn’t seem to move as you would like it to?

Do you have a vision you’d like to see come into fruition?

Do you ever feel alone or confused about your life’s journey?

Do you feel like you aren’t exactly where you are supposed to be, but you know with the proper tools, you could be?

Are you paralyzed with fear at the thought of life not turning out how you would like it to?

Do you feel anxiety or depression when thinking about your life’s path?

Do you feel buried or overwhelmed by all of the different options in your life?

Do you just feel blocked for some reason?

 Is money often the reason you say “no” to things you want?

Do you feel that you’re just not the kind of person who will ever have _________?

Are you waiting for something outside of yourself to come save you?

Do you feel guilty for wanting more than you have or for what you already have?

OR… do you simply feel there is room for improvement in your relationship with your “Self”?

“Being a part of this group has opened up so much for me. I’ve gotten to learn how to trust the seeds of inspiration I receive, and follow them through to new works that I love and that challenge and grow me. Lesley provides such clear and compassionate coaching, and I get to learn from everyone in the group as we all move through our individual journeys.”

K.S. , Boston

“The course INTUITIVE has been one of my favs that Lesley has ever created! I love how the zoom calls are combined with Marco Polo check-ins to ask any questions that come up and work through them in real time. I also love hearing feedback she offers up to others. It has been helpful to utilize other reflections and I love the community.”

A.S. , Los Angeles

“Intuitive has been the exact type of collective I’ve been searching for. The meetings and the ongoing support between the meetings have made it easier for me to hold myself accountable to my own spiritual practices, while also giving me the opportunity to connect with truly inspiring individuals, and continue to (as Lesley says) grow the depths of myself, my work, and my relationships.”

L.S. , Los Angeles

“The forward energy that lies within Intuitive is astounding, it’s helped re-center my personal and creative life on a path that feels clear, calm and intentional. The continual personal coaching is invaluable as Lesley offers a positive yet honest reflection for myself so that I keep coming back to the tools I have and also create space to make new ones. The community spirit is infectious and has infused this work with such possibility that I’m left with no option than to keep honoring myself by showing up for myself everyday, bit by bit. The leaps I’ve made in one month in my career/creativity is unbelievable and the clarity I’ve received is something I’ve been searching for for so long. I’m excited to be on the train for another month!”

C.H. , London

“This mastermind is the most meticulous work I’ve ever done. I’m finally feeling everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years, from the various facilitators I’ve studied and worked with, anchor in place. I feel like I had a ton of knowledge and cool theories floating around inside of me but it was almost impossible to activate for myself because I was still so disconnected from my own Intuition. And having Lesley’s immediate guidance and re-direction between classes throughout the week via Marco Polo is epic and priceless. I’m pumped to continue to hone my Inner Guide.”

C.W. , New York

I felt that way. I knew deep down that there was more than I could see or feel. I thought that someone else held the power to tell me about my life. I had patterns, behaviors and beliefs that were not supportive of “me”. They were not helping me to create the life I wanted. I studied with SO many teachers (almost 20 years worth of spiritual teachers, gurus, healers, facilitators, seers, you name it) and I wouldn’t give up that time for anything. However, none of it really wove together until I began to focus on honing MY OWN INNER GUIDE. I called upon a teacher ONLY to receive feedback on what I was already intuitively working on in my life.

I have streamlined 20 years of spiritual learning, so you don’t have to. And I LOVE continually putting myself “out of business” with each student for whom I work.

INTUITIVE is a collective that will expand you. That’s the point. It’s not a convenient space. You will have an opportunity to practice deeply, allow more fully, tap in with more faith, understand with less intellect, create with all of your being, and ultimately love with a whole heart. It offers a community, a tribe, a group of confidants who excel and want nothing more than to see you excel too.

Grow beyond your limiting beliefs, utilize your fear as a springboard to soar, know deep down that you’re meant for wonderful things, move through your life with Grace.

If you are feeling called, trust yourself.

***Please do NOT pay for INTUITIVE until you have filled out the below application and are approved.

Once you are approved and have secured a spot, you may pick a payment plan below.


$600one time


$500per month


$400per month