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10 09, 2016

Back to (Life) School!

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Hello! As our community's children head back to school this month it's hard not to notice the slight shift of coolness in the air. Fall is coming, and with it a new set of lessons for each and every one of us. When we're younger, we're taught to ask questions. We're taught that we don't know and that we're in the process of learning. Then, at some point that dynamic shifts and we are supposed to know things. When we're asked questions by our teacher, we are supposed to know. When we're asked questions by our superior at work, we are supposed to know. When [...]

9 03, 2016

An “Apparent” Vision

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A Letter About Following Your Dreams I saved this letter for the end of February because people's inboxes usually get hammered with Valentine's Day offers half way through the month. I didn't want this email to get lost in the shuffle, because this is a different kind of offer. It's the kind that you can only offer yourself. As I sat with what I could write about this "Self Love" month, I kept being drawn to what we ALL love - our dreams. The dreams we use our days to follow. Our aspirational dreams. Whether the dream you're following is to own your own company, [...]

23 01, 2016


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I've been asked to write about weight loss in January. I'm guessing this is for all the people with New Year's resolutions at play. Well, the first thing to do is ask yourself, "Did I make a resolution or an intention?" Because those are two very different things... A resolution is something that you can forget, ignore, or rationalize away. Your mind constructs it and your mind can just as easily deconstruct it. An intention, however, is something you set, on purpose, with the KNOWING that it will absolutely bring up everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Because that's why you're doing it. You already [...]

25 11, 2015

~~~Seeing the Fish~~~

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Hello POP Community ~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! As we give thanks this week, I would like to highlight a tool that may serve you well, as you serve others turkey!! I've had a number of clients enjoy when we speak about something called "Confusion Endurance", so I'm going to continue the conversation here. Confusion Endurance is being comfortable with the uncomfortable for long periods of time. We make a practice of becoming okay with being confused, and elongating the confusion to learn something new.Michael J. Gelb wrote, "As you sharpen your senses, probe the depths of experience, and awaken your childlike questioning, [...]

13 10, 2015

The FEAR Issue

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Hello POP Community! In honor of Halloween, Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos, this month's letter is about... fear! We've all taken a quick breath while our heart thumps in our chest. Maybe we've even screamed as our eyes darted back and forth, one sweaty hand rubbing the other as the gripping strangle hold of something, somewhere, or someone we fear shoots through us. For humanity, fear is an experience that has motivated us since before we had language. As a culture, we may not even recognize all the things we fear or how what we fear affects us. As simple as it sounds, from my [...]

5 09, 2015

Reflecting In September

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Hello POP Community! WOW! When we sent an email out last month to ask what you would like to explore in this month's letter we had a whole range of responses as to what's been going on in your lives!  The question I'd like to respond to this month is: In the midst of issues that are happening in my family, how can I be honest with my loved ones without hurting them or damaging those close relationships?    - Marie (NY, NY) Thank you for writing, Marie. I understand that no matter where or what your spiritual practice may be, it can always be harder [...]

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