I’ve been asked to write about weight loss in January. I’m guessing this is for all the people with New Year’s resolutions at play. Well, the first thing to do is ask yourself, “Did I make a resolution or an intention?” Because those are two very different things…

A resolution is something that you can forget, ignore, or rationalize away. Your mind constructs it and your mind can just as easily deconstruct it.

An intention, however, is something you set, on purpose, with the KNOWING that it will absolutely bring up everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Because that’s why you’re doing it. You already know that there is growth in the uncomfortable, and if you already KNEW how to lose weight, you would be doing it. Just like anything else in life. If you already had the knowledge to give you the thing you want, you’d already have it. Instead of starting off in our mind and making a decision to lose weight, why not have that seed start in your being (a very different genesis point) and not stop no matter what your mind says.

This takes practice. A lot of practice. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. This practice becomes discipline.

In starting ANYTHING new, you will feel uncomfortable. Know this. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s something it isn’t. Allow yourself the gift of the uncomfortable becoming comfortable to you. Human behavior expert, Candace Silvers, links “weight” to “wait”. That connection can be mind blowing for a lot of people. Take a look at the people you know or even yourself for that matter… anytime you feel weight, either on your body or in your mind – it’s usually because you’re waiting for something.
What are you waiting for?

In our culture today its very normal for all of us to wait for our circumstances to tell us where we are in our lives. Everyone is doing it, except for the small number of successful people who aren’t.

Give this practice a shot: When you find yourself waiting for something, set an intention to do it, knowing that it’s going to bring up a lot of thoughts. Thoughts of why it’s going to be hard, or why it is not going to work for you, or maybe thoughts that you are not strong enough to do it and will ultimately fail.

So many thoughts!

Well, thank goodness you are an awareness warrior! You have already prepared yourself to be uncomfortable – knowing this was the purpose of setting an intention – so that your hardest moments may be practiced and become your easiest. Now is the time to start moving towards your intention, and vanquishing the beasts of thought. You’ll be amazed at how truly adventurous life can be when you’re the hero who stopped the weighting game.

Bring it, 2016!!