As our community’s children head back to school this month it’s hard not to notice the slight shift of coolness in the air. Fall is coming, and with it a new set of lessons for each and every one of us.

When we’re younger, we’re taught to ask questions. We’re taught that we don’t know and that we’re in the process of learning. Then, at some point that dynamic shifts and we are supposed to know things. When we’re asked questions by our teacher, we are supposed to know. When we’re asked questions by our superior at work, we are supposed to know. When we don’t know, we can feel confused, nervous, anxious, sad, and unprepared.

Knowledge is the key to many doors. But, where do we go to access the knowledge internally?

Do we climb the attic stairs to the corridors of our mind to access the limited 20/30/40/50/60/70 years of history we remember happening to us while here on earth? Do we go to what we think is right or wrong? Do we go to what we feel is most comfortable?

Is it possible for us to access another place internally? Perhaps a place that doesn’t know, as we are culturally taught to know, but instead knows organically that… it knows nothing? What if the feelings of anxiety, confusion and nerves are part of the art of alchemy? The burning off of the habits, patterns, and mindsets that no longer are useful to us. Since energy is neither created or destroyed, learning how our own energetic plumbing systems work can only help us.

What if every moment is an opportunity to learn something about ourselves other than what we already intellectually know. What if instead of feeling like we have to have the right tool prior to the experience, that the experience helps co-create the right tool with us. That we whittle the tool in the same moments that we experience the need for it. Wouldn’t that be a great way of creating the perfect tool for the experience at hand? Especially, if we practice that muscular structure over and over – it can become the new normal and therefore not a scary idea.

Life occurs and then we have our opinions of it. Those opinions are where some of us can get stuck for years. Opinions of our family members, work colleagues, friends, ourselves, etc.

What if we practiced allowing Nature/Totality/God/Unity (whatever your belief system is) to teach us and we became the student again? Instead of being angry that it isn’t going our way, what if we practiced looking to see the beauty and gift in what is?

If we are committed to growing the depth of ourselves while we’re in this thing called “Life”, then going to what we already know will most likely give us the same results and feedback we’ve already received. The practice of whittling while we work helps to build the equation “Life School”. Allowing life to teach us, instead of walking into class, sitting down, and being positive we already know the lesson.